Every entity can make society better. Lives and communities are impacted from the way a business operates to products and services it delivers. As international consultants comprising engineers, managers, advisors, trainers, technical authors and sourcing specialists to the world’s leading businesses, Safe Dimensions' principal contribution to society is through our services and solutions provided to these establishments.

Safe Dimensions is an established, independent and specialist integrated safety-driven company, whose primary function is the provision of comprehensive and pragmatic Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Security and Social Responsibility (SR) expert solutions to the diverse range of (major hazards, commercial and public sector) industries. We deliver management, engineering, advisory, training, authorship and sourcing services that support clients across the globe to achieve unparalleled safe, reliable and efficient personnel, assets, operating environment and all-round business. All of our work translates into eliminated or reduced risk, improvement operation and performance, sustainable profitable growth, and social and wellbeing benefits.

Our integrated risk-based expert solutions provide


Satisfying customer expectations with delivered superiority of goods and services, and with every item being suitable for its intended purpose (i.e. fitness for purpose)


Ensuring wellbeing of persons and other entities through well-addressed potential worksite or workplace exposures, which in turn will safeguard the business and its reputation


Achieving a steady safe condition of being protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes by way of well-identified hazards for which risks are assessed, mitigated and managed


Keeping clean and going green with scientific and engineered principles that protect and improve the environmental quality for the benefit of human health and the ecosystem


Having freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm (or other unwanted coercive change) from external forces by means of aptly sheilded measures

Social Responsibility

Maintaining a balance between the economy and the ecosystems through passively avoided socially harmful acts and actively performed social development activities

We deliver specialist client support services of


Established and experienced hands-on management team for projects of all sizes and complexities

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Our technical and engineering group delivers analytical modelled solutions based on evaluated study reports

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Our advisory and compliance team oversee and advice on site HSE compliance and audit / inspection

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Safe Dimensions training and development gives competence and confidence boost to carry out work safely

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Through technical authorship, we provide businesses with professional materials to guide their operations

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The Safe Dimensions team ensures that clients receive products and talents of the highest standards

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With safety to lives, and protection of assets, communities and business reputation, the demands and commitments are continuous. Our business services helps establishments to keep at the forefront of these and, irrespective of scale, our services covers any phase of project lifecycle (namely: concept, feasibility, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning). We aim to keep supporting organisations, industries, end-users and the society at large, in aspects of proactive safety culture and the progression of this to their operational and reputational sustainability, in order to meet and exceed their target business excellence.