Targeting a fifth of energy from renewable sources

On the basis of the Renewables Directive, officially titled as 2009/28/EC, in which the EU baseline target is 20% by 2020, each member state has its own goal. To meet their goal, some member states, including France, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and the UK, and to a lesser extent Belgium and Spain, need to assess whether their policies and tools are sufficient and effective in meeting their renewable energy objectives. Besides this, fitting industry-specific standards and guidelines for renewable energy projects that embody a proactive risk management strategy, safety and environmental management system (SEMS) and other HSE supporting frameworks need to be developed. Safe Dimensions collaboration is helping this increasingly competitive industry meet the challenges it faces in these regards, right from the planning stage, through construction and into the operational phase. Our professionals’ sees it that dedicated good practice and HSE efforts would be necessary to met and even exceed the set 2009/28/EC target.

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