About Us

Safe Dimensions is a global operating company that takes the dimensions of establishments to safe levels and keeps them operating in the safety lane.

An integrally fitting and unbeatable safety as core value and culture for any establishment is proportional to its successful business excellence, such as reduced risk, improved performance and profitable growth, as well as its sustainable, reliable, healthy, safe and secure environment. Safe Dimensions was formed in 2007 on this safety foundation, in response to legislation requirements as set across industries for safety cases, and with the aim of supporting companies in aspects of safety, sustainability and wellbeing, to meet their target business excellence. Safe Dimensions have since grown to earn its place as a trusted company for delivering indispensible world-class and comprehensive quality, health, safety and environment (HSE), security and social responsibility (SR) expert solutions.

We are experienced in state-of-the-art sourcing, authorship, advisory, training, engineering, management and execution of strategic projects for large blue chip organisations to smaller one-off projects. We have the people, the systems and the processes to deliver a wide range of integrated quality, HSE, security and SR solutions and programs that go beyond compliance for any phase of projects, and we deliver to time, budget and to the agreed quality criteria. Thus, coupled with how and the way we carryout our business, clients that share their business challenges with us are able to move forward with greater confidence and benefits.

Vision and Mission

These convey the purpose, direction, drivers and character of our establishment for winning together with our partners and clients

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Values and Ethics

These serve as guide for our everyday work and assist us in making the best possible decisions concerning people, resources and the environment

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Business Model and Brand

Our business model spans everything in a project lifecycle and our band represents our identity before, now and after

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Our Team

Our talent pool consists of broad cross sector industry experience that brings something different and valuable to our work

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Qualities and Strategy

We guarantee exceptional project quality services worldwide with our strategy that focuses on some core defining principles

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Sustainability and Guarantee

We take the long-term view to the economy, the environment and society and guarantee that you will be pleased by our services

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With key geographical hubs and offices in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Malaysia and the United States of America, we are able to reach out to various locations across the globe. To date, we have managed and delivered projects in Europe, Central Asia & Caucasus, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific & Oceania, and Americas.