Our advisory and compliance team are proactive and engaging with the experience of overseeing and advising on site HSE compliance, audit / inspection and management within a local, national and an international context for all project types / phases. We have extensive knowledge of global HSE compliance requirements and constantly track and monitor these multiple, changing obligations. Through our years of expertise in regulatory compliance service, we help clients to become more effective in handling regulatory pressures offering proven solutions for governance, risk and compliance. We strengthen their traditional regulatory project organisation, reducing the potential for blind spots and duplications. We apply a continuous top-down approach to analyse the HSE-related laws, directives, policies, codes, standards, practices, guidelines and specifications relevant to the client’s business and projects, understand their impact on the organisation, and then undertake and manage whatever actions are needed to ensure compliance.

Depending on the stage of the project, our HSE advisory and compliance team works in-house, onsite / field-based or a mixture of both and in a technical capacity to provide technical authority and writing for the project. It gives expert support, advice and guidance to enable clients to meet / comply with their HSE obligations and regulations in the regimes where they operate, whilst maintaining their integrity and growing their competitive advantage. This team works closely with audit, legal and regulatory experts in each line of business, to ensure that operational management has the support it requires. Overall, the team not only provides the advice necessary to aid organisations be in compliance with the law, the work they perform also help the clients to manage risk, realise opportunities and improve business performance.