Business Model and Brand

Our Business Model

Safety is the heartbeat that drives the entire lifecycle of our business services and support solutions to our clients. At Safe Dimensions, we understand the risks in the changing workplace and the importance of safety and therefore work proactively with our clients to manage and lead safety programmes, delivering tangible business benefits that transform their organisation safety cultures for the best. With an integrated risk-based approach and structure in place, Safe Dimensions is able to deliver an optimum effective safety output dimensionally across its clients’ projects.

Whether the aim is to launch new initiatives, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency or generate cost savings, Safe Dimensions specialises in delivering focused projects that target your need. We deliver well-informed and essential independent technical advice, products and expertise based on a trusted relationship that is aimed at enhancing the safety of life, assets and the environment at sea, on land and in the air. Basically, trusted safety to your business is our job.

Our business model spans everything in a project lifecycle. The model sets are all directly aligned with our mission, vision, values, and all other building blocks that support our strategy. We have a diverse integrated portfolio that is balanced across resource types, geographies and businesses. It is also adaptable to foreseeable prevailing conditions.

Our Brand

Safe Dimensions is our global brand, which not only represents our identity but also what we have done, we do now, and what we aspire to do in the future. All professionals at Safe Dimensions have risk-based health, safety, and environment (HSE) engineering experience and understand the principles of organisation, administration, management, and value. We welcome responsibility and uphold accountability. Like our reputation, our brand is synonymous with innovation excellence and technology, domain knowledge, service quality, global presence, transparency, trust and shareholder confidence.