What sets Safe Dimensions apart from the competition includes our competencies, differentiators and track records.


Our core competencies / expertise are in:

  • Management (Project, Risk, Quality, HSE, Security and Corporate Social Responsibility), Engineering (Occupational Health, Environmental and Sustainable Development, and Operational Safety and Security Studies), Advisory (HSE Advice, Guidance, Regulatory Compliance, and Technical Authority and Writing), Training (Wellbeing, Safety and Sustainability Awareness, Mentoring, Coaching, and Learning Support including Research and Development), Authorship (Technical Writing) and Sourcing (Trade and Labour);
  • Integrated risk-based technical HSE and SR working solutions (including Management Systems, Hazard Identification and Control, Asset integrity and reliability, Risk Assessment, Loss Prevention, Green Activities, Emergency Response, Uncertainty Treatment and Decision-Making) and wellbeing lifestyle provisions; and
  • Strategic projects for individual clients and large blue chip organisations to smaller one-off projects, across all project lifecycle phases and across multiple sites and geographical locations.


In leading the way, Safe Dimensions possesses:

  • Strong business acumen of quality, HSE, security and SR systems - Safe Dimensions provides the highest depth of understanding and analysis of the operational and policy context, political sensitivities and people, organisations and systems.
  • Integrative business model and proactive approach - cross-disciplinary client-focused working model and quality, HSE, security and SR compliance approach that not only addresses today's requirements, but also future requirements. With this structure in place, Safe Dimensions is able to deliver an optimum effective safety targeted output dimensionally across its clients’ interest.
  • Strong collaborative approach to working with clients - always balancing the need for flexibility with the need to manage expectations, budget and timeframes. Safe Dimensions professional(s) spends time with clients at the outset to make their specific issues and needs are well and truly understood. A tailored proposal and quote is then prepared in response to this.
  • Exceptional stakeholder consultation skills - no matter what the subject matter or context, Safe Dimensions has the ability to consult effectively with diverse stakeholders to get to the crux of a problem and identify solutions that will have stakeholder buy-in. We have consulted with thousands of stakeholders including senior executive staff, bureaucrats, academics, policy officers, service managers, project staff, administrative staff and volunteers. In addition, we have particular strengths in consulting with people from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • Wide-ranging country and regional expertise - Safe Dimensions has expanded international experience and ability to work with multicultural stakeholder that includes secondment to clients in multiple geographical locations worldwide. We are flexible and adaptable to travel and continually changing environment.
  • Extensive partnerships and reputable global networks - We have access to wide range complementary services through our extensive partnership network that ensures technical and operational excellence and a complete solution. Our success can be measured by our involvements in prestigious consortium of global quality HSE, security and SR services-led collaborator in new markets, and looking at the diversity and range of strategic partners that share the same vision and values, and grow and complement current networks.
  • Advanced project-scoping skills - Safe Dimensions is expert at taking a client briefing and working it up into a clear, concise and realistic project scope.
  • Extensive experience in review and evaluation - ranging in scope from large national or statewide quality, HSE, security and SR services / programs to small-localised projects and pilot initiatives. Safe Dimensions experts undertake high-level qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative evaluations.
  • High-level facilitation skills - if a workshop is required as part of a project, Safe Dimensions is very effective in working with large groups to bring divergent thinking and disparate views together to find workable solutions.
  • Capacity to distil comprehensive findings - using critical thinking to analyse complex problems and diverse issues, Safe Dimensions consistently delivers findings that resonate with the client, address the priority issues and clearly signpost actions and next steps.
  • Effective verbal communication skills - conveyed through the excellent interpersonal abilities of our staffs in presentations and interactions that clarify doubts, resolve conflicts, and build and maintain positive relationships.
  • Exceptional report writing skills - all reports are produced succinctly and in plain English. Recommendations are clear, realistic and framed appropriately for the organisation and the environment.
  • High-level project management skills - delivering high value, on budget and on time, every time.

Track Records

Operating successfully for over a decade / 10+ years, Safe Dimensions clients include notable establishments in the major hazards, commercial and public sectors. Some of our key performances indicators are as follows:

  • Achieved high client satisfaction and rated “outstanding” for our hazard identification, risk assessment, reliability studies and personnel training work.
  • Introduced client’s company products to 2 new markets, which were supported by our tailored health and safety campaigns, evaluations and recommendations that met the enforced legislation and regulation.
  • Increased occupational health risks awareness campaign from 23% to 57%.
  • Attained a cost saving of £75,000 for a 2-year payback period in implementing some pressure-reducing valves replacement with a back-pressure turbine.
  • Developed two (2) innovative risk-based modelling methodologies that have been successful applied to enhancing decision-making for ship evacuation and human element incorporation in Quantitative Risk Assessment studies.
  • Set up a more effective HSE action management procedure that reduced action items response times by 24% and increased client satisfaction by 29%.
  • Achieved a 37% improvement in safety performance with zero fatalities, by introducing safety audit process, and a 19% increase in production.
  • Delivered quality HSE and SR discipline work packages on time and accurately 99% of the time.