Whether the initial specifications are firmly established or in-process evolving, our technical and engineering group has the ability to provide complete work packages for the creative application of scientific principles relating to the business, ensure compliance to statutory and project requirements, perform engineering analysis to support design and operational business integrity, and deliver high performance, cost-effective technical HSE, security and SR engineered models and solutions from the evaluated studies. Our technical HSE, security and SR professionals in this group use their experience and skills to firmly establish project parameters, plan the project deployment, coordinate resources, accurately estimate timing and cost, tackle design and operational HSE, security and SR challenges, and certainly bring to fruition the practical HSE, security and SR engineered solutions for each client’s need. With each project, our people will apply a tailored and innovative approach, which can be demonstrated to businesses through our esteemed and trusted brand.

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all of those who can, either directly or indirectly, be affected by business activities and our client assets, and to minimise any adverse effects to the environment. Based on a HSE, security and SR target of no injury, no property damage and no environmental impact, we work in partnership with every individual client to reduce risks and help take steps towards a safer, more sustainable business. We offer flexible, professional consultancy support across all aspects of HSE, security and SR (including Occupational Health, Environmental and Sustainable Development, and Operational Safety and Security), working to the very latest standards and legislation. Our support, working as a vital, integrated part of the business, can boost morale, improve standards and help grow businesses by demonstrating their commitment to HSE, security and SR. For this and more, including assured quality, reduced costs, and increased productivity to the business, clients outsource their technical HSE, security and SR engineering activities to us as a single, specialist partner with the resources, reputation and expertise.