HSE Advisory and Compliance Requirements

Regulations and directives are becoming ever more pressing, in a world where compliance is key and license to operate. Dealing with this increasing regulatory pressure is an integral part of how to run an organisation. Safe Dimensions provides organisations with state-of-the-art HSE advisory and regulatory compliance expert support, tools and programs in order to comply with changing regulatory requirements for client’s projects and assets both in-house and out onsite.

Ensuring that an organisation meets all applicable technical and commercial regulatory HSE requirements and directives, for its business existence, projects, assets, products / goods and services, is an increasingly complex and critical task. This especially hold true as no matter how large, small or diversified the organisation is, an intensified web of constantly evolving legislations across regional, national and international borders applies to every aspect of the organisation’s business life. Indeed, every organisation has an obligation to identify existing and emerging legislation relevant to its business, demonstrate that what it provides is safe, reliable and will meet legal requirements, and ensure that risks that may arise from the compliance requirements not being met are well understood by the board and management. That being said, it must be understood that HSE regulatory compliance is not just about playing defence (such as from litigation to penalties and fines, imprisonment, withdrawal of licenses and reputational damages), that can be very costly and strategically affect an organisation and the custodians of governance within the organisation whilst holding key stakeholders accountable. It offers the organisation an opportunity to consistently strengthen itself through strategic, proactive measures (such as best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking appropriate for your industry and size), which maintains / safeguards integrity and contributes to the socially responsible behaviour for success, safety and sustainability of its business.

Safe Dimensions provides HSE advisory and regulatory compliance service that, as a minimum and relevant to the client businesses and projects, enable an organisation stay compliant with and adherent to applicable:

  • Laws;
  • Policies;
  • Codes;
  • Standards;
  • Practices;
  • Guidelines; and
  • Specifications.

At same time, we help our clients through this service to leverage compliance for competitive advantage. We offer practical HSE advisory and compliance solutions that are tailored to each client's individual business needs and which deliver because we merge business sense with technical strength. This helps our clients create value, protect value, and manage risk. Whatever sectors or regions a business operate in, and whatever its size or geographic reach, we offer both local, in-depth, on-the-ground knowledge and global, state-of-the-art / up-to-date HSE advisory and regulatory compliance expert support, tools and programs. We also work closely with our global network to provide regulatory advisory services in a seamless manner across all geographic locations.

The impact and probability of the risks that the legislation represents depend on the attention paid to the legislation and how well risk and compliance management is entrenched within the organisation. It is therefore critical that an organisation implements relevant structures and processes to effectively manage and monitor the compliance process to ensure that these are entrenched in a way that compliance becomes “second nature”. Safe Dimensions have a proven approach and have been at the forefront of the industry in developing innovative, low-cost approaches to managing, overseeing and advising on compliance risk for client’s projects and assets both in-house and out onsite. We can assess the organisation’s risk profile and, though strategic benchmarking, its competitive position and business performance. Where the organisation is contemplating entering a new market or industry, we can advise on the very latest regulations that would affect its investment, allowing its board and management to make the right strategic decision. We aid the organisation in developing and implementing a compliance management system, which will benchmark its framework against applicable rules and regulations, and in turn helps them demonstrate HSE compliance for their projects, assets, products and services.