Safe Dimensions serve a range of industries where hazardous environments will be encountered. We understand that each industry approaches things in their own way and so with many years of experience in each sector, we can tailor our offering to suit the client’s exact industry-specific needs.

Quality, health, safety, and environment (HSE) and security are important aspects of any industry, and particularly so when the sector has the attributes of a major hazards industry.  As such, this has seen an increase in Safe Dimensions support and operation in (but are not limited to) the following industries / sectors:

Transport and Storage

We help the transport and storage industry address its safety and sustainable business challenges

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Renewables, Oil and Gas

We help the renewable, oil and gas energy businesses achieve their goals with the best of safety practices

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Power and Utilities

We aid power and utility companies to meet and maintain higher safety and environmental standards and practices

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Building and Infrastructure

We work to ensure risk of harm to those who build, use and maintain structures can be avoided or reduced

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Information and Communication Technology

We work to ensure safe systems, techniques and processes embedded in machines, computers, etc

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Leisure and Hospitality

We aid our clients in the delivering safe and sound memorable experience for its customers and staffs alike

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Manufacturing and Processing

We cater to safety prevailing right from onward raw materials to their transformation into finished goods

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Government and Public Sector

We ensure safety and sustainable development stays firm in the economy even via government services

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Across Safe Dimensions' comprehensive global network, our client sector groups use their extensive expertise to deliver small studies through to mega-projects.