Information and Communication Technology

Technological progress is a driving force behind economic growth, citizen engagement, and job creation. Information and communication technologies (ICTs), in particular, are reshaping many aspects of the world's economies, governments, and societies.

In this context, Safe Dimensions understand and care how organisations use and communicate data and information to achieve better operational effectiveness and business performance by default for their businesses. Besides, with advances in new technology and increased automation come the concerns over loss of control, security and safety for organisations. Safe Dimensions analysts and engineers are specialist that ensure the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of all vocal, pictorial, textual and/or numerical information are not only the best available for use, correct, reliable and safe for use, and communicated effectively but effectively tackle such concerns.

Our in-house specialists aid development of media/multimedia channels and tools for storage and transmission of information or data, as well in computer simulations and training provided for our clients. Safe Dimensions also utilises a number of consequence and risk assessment software programs/analytical tools that meet industry standards.