Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response

Security issues and disasters always strike when least expected. When such does occur, it puts persons and organisations in a state of emergency and can take some of the most valuable assets, strongholds and virtues the entity ever had. Unless handled proactively and effectively, recovering from a brutal security failure or disaster may take months or even years, but records of loss and other factors related to the same remain in our minds for the longest times. Due to this reason, some high-level intelligence, security and emergency preparedness and response remedies are required for all situations. Whether running a big businesses or not, it is advisable for one to take precautionary measures to help counter its effects and costs in case it strikes. Safe Dimensions help clients do this through:

  • Intelligence and Security Review;
  • Intelligence and Security Analysis;
  • Business Security Strategies;
  • Business Impact Analysis;
  • Communication and Incident Investigation;
  • Lessons Learnt Register;
  • Disaster Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Incident and Crisis Management;
  • Emergency Preparedness;
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP);
  • Emergency Response System;
  • Oil Spill Response Program; and
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery Plan.

We cater for intelligence, security and emergency response to ensure against some missing element, malfunction, security breach, malicious attach or devastating situation. Our service solutions in this realm helps client to save time for a quick action, reduce complexities, panic and chaos, and save cost in both the short and long term.

Remember lives, technology, economy, the operating environment, the company reputation and other assets of more value could be even more at stake from a mishap. A company insurance alone will only safeguards some monetary values of whatever is inside the company or organisation whist leaving the company to the possibility of facing the mighty hands of the law. Thus, we recommend employing our proactive measures, in addition to having the insurance cover.