Power and Utilities

Basic amenities like tap water, sanitation (both sewer and refuse), electricity, gas, heating and telecommunication are round the clock essential services needed at every institution and by every individual in a society. The power and utilities industry operates between the root source and end-use of every one of these primary necessities. This industry is entrusted to permanently guarantee safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable services at just and reasonable rates to consumers through appropriate regulatory and market means. Safe Dimension undertakings in this sector bring these HSE and SR paramount measures in place and up to date.

The power and utilities industry is a key part of our livelihood and national economy. Endless kilometres of pipes, poles and wires extend across the country, distributing power, gas, steam, water and drainage services (and depending on the jurisdiction, can include telecommunications and broadband services) to our houses, businesses and communities. The industry works with a lot of other infrastructure to produce its products. For example, the way that a power company creates its product is by converting different forms of energy into electrical energy (usually via mechanical energy by the way of spinning a turbine), thereby making it possible to turn its “fuel” into electricity. The structure of electricity delivery can be categorised into three functions: generation, transmission, and distribution, all of which are linked through key assets known as substations.

Companies operating in the power and utilities industry today face an ever-changing business landscape, including a constantly evolving regulatory environment, rapid technological change, increasing competition and legal conflict, and the ongoing need to manage volatility, whilst bringing these essentials at reasonable prices for the whole of society. Additionally, such companies are subject to their own diverse and unique business challenges. Safe Dimensions’ professionals have a deep understanding of the issues faced by participants in the power and utilities industry, enabling us to provide our clients with insightful and efficient consulting regarding the dominant theme HSE and SR subject matter, and thus ensuring regulatory compliance, minimising and mitigating operational risks, and keeping people, assets and the environment protected.