Qualities and Strategy

Our Qualities

The “Safe Dimension” brand is our guarantee that our clients will receive exceptional project quality services worldwide. Our qualities to our work include:

  • Independent Leadership: We lead by inspiring and encouraging others to develop, embrace innovation and ideas, and perform to the best of their ability. We set the standards others emulate.
  • Performance Driven: We deliver on our promises through continuous improvement and safe, reliable operations, consistent with the strategy we pursue throughout our business. We achieve this through agreeing key measures and performance indicators.
  • Accountable / Responsible: We are committed to the safety and development of our people and the communities and societies in which we operate. We aim for no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.
  • Dependable: We do business with the highest ethical standards and to thoroughly comply with the applicable international and state laws and regulations.
  • Flexible & Adaptable: We respond resourcefully to the ever-changing business environment. We support our clients through any change and adapt in providing our fully integrated services to their highly diverse needs.
  • Innovative & Growth: We push boundaries today and create tomorrow´s breakthroughs through our people and technology. We unleash potential and create new possibilities and expansion.
  • Result & Delivery: We achieve and deliver superior business results by embrace change / stretching our capabilities. We deliver a consistently high level of service throughout our areas of responsibility.

Our Strategy

Our approach involves working collaboratively and inclusively with our clients, enhancing their safety culture and providing training, when required, to assure the best-fit pragmatic solutions with successful implementation that satisfy their business needs in line with industry best practice.

Our strategy focuses on some core principles around leadership, culture, competency, systems, performance and reporting. Our approach systematically and strategically applies proven methodologies with the Safe Dimension integrated risk-based analytical business model, as suited, for the safety and protection of people, the environment, communities and assets. The approach aids the efficient use of natural resources and supports sustainable development, whilst being adjustable according to regional and functional needs.

The value of the approach has been recognised and accepted by many clients and regulators worldwide.