Risk Management and Loss Prevention

Let us face it; there is no real business opportunity without risk, as risk and opportunity are a duality – like two sides to the same coin. For each opportunity there is risk and vice versa. Obviously businesses seeking market success are looking for the opportunity side to be bigger than the risk side. This means they have to realistically assess and manage both sides of the coin in the principal business opportunity and risk categories (namely: strategic, compliance, financial and operational), which Safe Dimensions systematically caters for its clients.

In the event of an industrial hazardous scenario occurring, risks are manageable and losses are preventable on the basis of Safe Dimensions’ risk management and loss prevention pragmatic solution and support on offer. This service provides our clients with a proactive, cost-effective risk management and loss prevention platform for managing risk to their operations or projects and protecting against losses, which consequently secures the business continuity. Our risk managers and loss prevention and fire protection engineers evaluate and manage risks that could potentially impact our clients’ personnel, assets and operating environment, and therefore ensure fittingly design safeguards are in place to prevent, detect, control, and mitigate any harmful and destructive effects of the hazardous event. We utilise effective risk management strategies in our risk handling and, in order to uphold business continuity and disaster recovery for our clients, our comprehensive range of loss prevention service includes:

  • As Low AS Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) Demonstration;
  • Plant Layout and Facility & Equipment Spacing Optimisation;
  • Containment and Drainage Systems Design and Optimisation;
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) Analyses, Schedules and Layouts;
  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Blowdown Hierarchy Chart;
  • ESD System Design and Optimisation;
  • Blowdown System Optimisation / Escalation;
  • Fire Zone Determination and Specifications;
  • Fire Zone and Area Protection Drawings;
  • Fire Zone Evaluation Charts;
  • Fire and Gas (F&G) Cause & Effect Matrices / Charts / Diagrams;
  • F&G Detection Analyses, Specifications, Layouts / Mappings and Optimisation;
  • Alarm Systems Specifications and Optimisation;
  • Fire Protection Analyses, i.e. Active Fire Protection (AFP) and Passive Fire Protection (PFP) Systems Design and Optimisation;
  • Safety Equipment Datasheets and Specifications;
  • Fire Fighting Systems Specifications;
  • Fire Fighting Equipment and Life-Saving Appliances Layouts;
  • Safety Signs Schedules and Layouts;
  • Escape Routes Layouts;
  • HSE Action Management.

Our service delivers risk management and loss prevention expertise that satisfy clients’ objectives towards making the most of their business opportunities while in essence ensuring that risks to the business are at least well managed to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).