Our work provides solid quality, health, safety and environment (HSE), security and social responsibility (SR) outcomes for the benefits of entities / businesses and the overall society.

At Safe Dimensions, we help businesses reduce risk, improve operation and performance, sustain profitable growth and achieve social and wellbeing benefits by giving them the complete picture. To do so we combine strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets and people. We deliver quality, HSE, security and SR solutions that includes first-class support to empower organisations with proactively safe, reliable and environmentally friendly efficient designs and operations.

We provide a wide range of integrated risk-based analytical solutions to suite our clients business needs. These include:

Quality and HSE Management

Safe Dimensions work boost quality and HSE to peak levels and aids management systems setup

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Hazard Identification and Control Review

We provide industry proven facilitation, scribe and analysis for hazard identification and control

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Occupational Health and Hygiene

We undertake the science and engineering dedicated to tackling potential workplace exposures for the wellbeing of workers

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Asset Integrity and Reliability

We optimise the overall performance of business operations by increasing integrity and reliability of their assets

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Technical Safety and Risk Assessment

Safe Dimensions applies a proactive integrated risk-based approach for delivering safety on projects

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Risk Management and Loss Prevention

We ensure risks are well managed and fittingly design safeguards in place to prevent, detect, control, and mitigate hazardous events

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Environmental Engineering and Green Activities

We help clients to boost their profits and yet participate in environmentally friendly / green activities

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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Safe Dimensions perform value-added function that make sustainability and CSR work for client triple bottom line

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HSE Advisory and Compliance

We provide organisations with an effective state-of-the-art HSE advice and regulatory compliance expert support, tools and programs

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Awareness, Mentoring, Training and Learning Support

Safe Dimensions offer a series of specialised work-related training courses, delivered by experienced presenters

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Intelligence, Security and Emergency Response

We help clients to undertake the precautionary measures that counter the mishaps of security and emergency effects and costs

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Uncertainty Treatment and Decision-Making

Safe Dimensions veracious analyses aid clients to treat uncertainties and make well-informed decisions for their undertakings

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Safe Dimensions make a difference by helping businesses to operate in safe and secure environments where they can thrive and prosper and it is our believe that this role can only grow in importance.