The necessities of businesses and individuals are dependent on trade and labour from which excellence come from the right resources of goods and talents. At the barest minimum of sourcing, Safe Dimensions make sure its clients will receive top quality, healthy, safer and sustainable genuine products and likewise acquire high achieving caliber professionals to be engaged in required daily tasks of business.

Having the right products (be it consumer, commercial or industrial related and including materials, tools, systems and technology) and talents (filling permanent, temporary, interim and contract placements) does take businesses to greater heights and beyond. The right goods and people are out there; the challenge is having them in the right place at the time when needed. Safe Dimensions dedicated team of search and research sourcing consultants use data and insight to uncover the real barriers standing in the way of business successful sourcing strategies and design topnotch solutions that achieve set objectives and finally deliver acquisition goals. With the team’s business intelligence, communication, engagement and quality health, safety and environment (HSE) expertise and its knowledge and skillset in logistics, supply chain and procurement, businesses are empowered by principles that drive brilliant results.

Safe Dimensions source and supply on a global scale and our dedicated sourcing team of consultants boasts real-life industry experience on the global stage in an array of sectors and specialisms. These consultants are focused on job type, sector and geography, so that clients will always deal with someone who knows their market inside out. Based on potential suppliers networking, built win-win relationships and delivering on a very high standard, the benefits of working with Safe Dimensions can be transformative, bringing significant savings in both time and money, substantial rewards in quality, HSE and sustainability and allowing clients to focus on business growth. Having successfully delivered millions of best-value quality genuine products and placed thousands of most sought-after professionals in roles throughout the world within schedule to a wide variety of totally contented clients, we are honoured that our approach works superbly. Engage with us, and see the difference.