Transport and Storage

Consumers demand and supply mean businesses have to fulfill the multiple handling, storage and transportation of packaged goods through an effective, reliable and sustainable logistics and supply chain process. A process of such includes integrated solutions of HSE and safeguard. As a result, Safe Dimensions provide a 'safe pair of hands' that has enabled companies in this sector to enjoy an unparalleled reputation within global trade and industry.

Transport and storage are vital to commodity trade, the economy and for businesses to reach new heights and go places, underpinning a diverse range of industries and activities. The undertakings range from the movement of people, such as passengers, visitors, crews and personnel, by private or public transport and the transporting and handling of products to reach consumers, to the warehousing and storing of freight, whether short-term or long-term, via air, rail, road, water, cable or pipeline, and includes the systems, networks and infrastructures to do these, the logistics and supply chain processes involved and the activities of import, export, loading, unloading, postal and courier. Whether at journey start point, between relatively distant geographical locations, at endpoint location or in storage, it is essential that the transport and storage operation must maintain the kind of reliability, security and safety to people, the transmission, storage and distribution infrastructure, and the operating environment that ensures constant protection for all parties and customers.

Besides, given some possible scenario events / incidents such as loss of containment and loss of integrity involving dangerous goods / hazardous materials, adequate technical and organisational HSE actions / measures have to be set in place since such materials can lead to damage to health and harm to the environment, including oil leaks, to fires and even explosions. As a result, transportation and storage represent a labyrinth of sophisticated processes that include rigorous inspections, stringent standards of compliance, regulations generated from industry initiatives and government mandates for the design, construction and maintenance of the transportation fleets and pipelines, storage infrastructures, and the selection of qualified crew and personnel.

Through years of experience in providing solutions from solid foundation analysis to complete works for business operations in this segment, Safe Dimensions have helped a variety of enterprises to address their transport and storage challenges and meet the mandates of the industry and government. Through our services, we modernise transport and storage businesses to reduce costs and risk to people and its assets, and in turn most definitely improve their systems reliability, supply chain operation, logistics and customer satisfaction. Our work includes all-embracing studies such as transport risk assessment, reliability evaluations of safety systems, fire and explosion risk assessment, detailed explosion analysis, escape, evacuation and rescue analysis, emergency systems survivability analysis and emergency training for the transport and storage industry.