Uncertainty Treatment and Decision-Making

Making the right call is essential for every business success and ultimately, the final go ahead lies in both the uncertainty treatment and decision-making process. The right process of these should most especially prevent high levels of uncertainties from propagating into the business or its project and consequently translating into undesired outcomes, situations, events, consequences or results occurring in the future. In other words, it would achieve a high degree of certainty, clarity and confidence for the business opportunity / project decision-making. Since every project comes with its own elements of risk that is a consequence of action taken in spite of uncertainties, Safe Dimensions utilises veracious analyses to aid clients in their decision strategies that then put them in best-placed positions to make well-informed decisions for their undertakings. Such analyses include:

  • Critical Review;
  • Uncertainty Analysis;
  • Sensitivity Analysis;
  • Decision Analysis;
  • Intelligence Analysis;
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA); and
  • Decision Strategies.

Through these, the many variables to consider in a significant decision become more clearly understood, especially in terms of how they relate and affect the decision. The overall approach saves clients countless hours and resources now and in the future while it delivers high decision quality and thus helps them move forward with clarity and confidence.